Eli has learned how to giggle. It is greatness.

Giggle Robot from Steven Harrell on Vimeo.

He also talks to us occasionally. He doesn’t quite sing, but we’re getting there.

Talking Boy from Steven Harrell on Vimeo.

And this might be my favorite picture from the past month.

This Baby is Mysterious. Very Mysterious.

That is all.



Parenting is all about compromise.

My wife, Allison, loves taking baths. I get bored in them very quickly.

I think beard-growing is an exceptional hobby and conversation topic. My wife; however, rolls her eyes quite frequently when the subject of men’s facial hair comes up.

But, we have discovered a way to bring these two things together. Eli loves bathtime.


Mom and Dad love it too.

because eli knows that there are only two kinds of people without beards... women and children. eli wants to be a man!

he is so wise

kinda blurry, but i love his facial expression. he will someday have a mohawk.

eli knows how to work it

could eli lead an evening of contemporary christian worship? this beard says YES!

flock of seagulls maybe?

Atheists Don’t Have No Songs

I love Steve Martin. There’s nothing the man can’t do.

He’s been in the Three Amigos, hosted The Muppet Show, written best-selling novels, written plays, and is a pretty amazing banjo player. So yeah, I want to be him.

I saw him sing this on Letterman earlier in the week, and it just has to be shared. The funniest things are those that are probably true and mildly sad. This qualifies.

Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers