Crawling Boy

Eli has begun to crawl.

Sort of.

He hasn’t really mastered legs and arms working together in unison, but he is able to “swim” over the floor. The most surprising thing is how fast it happened. Two weeks ago, we could leave Eli playing for a few minutes while we left the room to make a bottle and he’d stay content in one place. Now he can be chewing on table legs, pulling electric cords, or eating my soccer shoes within seconds.

It’s cute. And I’m not stupid, I knew (from careful observations of others in this species) that eventually, he WOULD learn to crawl and move around. But what I didn’t realize that was with the dawn of movement would also come the Age of Discipline. When he just sat in one place or giggled or ate or even cried, there was nothing for either Allie or I to say ‘NO’ about. Now, he could pull the Christmas tree down or electrocute himself.

The first few times we said no, he just stared at us blankly and kept doing whatever he was doing until we physically picked him up and moved him. Today, I think he started to recognize our tone and the little dude cried when we said that he wasn’t allowed to eat the penny he found under the couch. It was heartbreaking for me, but I know it’s necessary to keep him from being the kind of adult that I don’t want him to become.





One thought on “Crawling Boy

  1. Haha, the baby army crawl. When I was home for Christmas a few days ago, my mom told me that when I was little, I refused to get up and crawl for real, since I was content to do just this and drag myself around. So she stripped me down to my diaper and stuck me on a cold tile floor. Apparently, I popped right up onto all fours and crawled like a real…baby, I guess. 😛

    Fun times! My kid isn’t old enough to crawl just yet, so he just screeches until he gets put where he wants.


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