NYC 2011

A few weeks ago, we decided to go on our first family vacation… to New York City!

Seems random, but Allie’s mom was there on business, which meant that we had a free, built in babysitter. We stuck with Eli most of the time, but took a few outings on our own… primarily to see ‘The Lion King’ on Broadway. That was SWEET. We also saw ‘How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying’, and while it didn’t suck, it wasn’t the freaking Lion King either.

Eli did great. We had 4 flights total (connecting both there and back) and he didn’t cry or fuss or make that much noise at all on any of them. The other passengers; however, were super-quick to give us evil death glares in the terminal. And while boarding. And while going through security. And pretty much everywhere within a 2 mile vicinity of an airplane. I very much wanted to, at the end of each flight, stand up and demand apologies for all of the mean things that these people were thinking as they stared at us and squinted prior to taking off. Allison (wisely) insisted that I refrain.

Some of the highlights were going through Central Park and the famed Central Park Zoo, visiting the Cathedral of St John the Divine on the Upper West Side, Times Square, and the Museum of Modern Art.

Eli is a natural people pleaser, and I found that carrying him around was an instant way to make the mean New Yorkers be nice and wave. I really liked watching him look around at all of the action and try to take it all in, just like his pop does. Before we left I assumed that he was just going to be this warm lump that we carried around with us while we did whatever we wanted, but he turned out to be genuinely interested in the city and a natural traveler. He actually had fun! Which was cool.

Here are some of our favorite pictures, but a lot more are uploaded on our flickr page.

Eli playing with Mom on the plane ride

Eli enjoyed the city, but he was MOST interested in the construction site across the street from the hotel.

Family Photo in Central Park

You know that Eli rocked on the Big Piano in FAO Schwarz. Several other very cute non-staged photos on the flickr site.


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